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Laurell Technologies: the global leader in spin coating solutions

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The Laurell Spin Coater Advantage

Laurell Technologies manufactures spin coaters, etching, developing, and cleaning processors for substrates from
the smallest fragments up to 300mm diameter or square substrates up to 230mm on a side.

Any Substrate

Spin coating systems and chucks
for all substrate types and sizes


High speed and acceleration
for flexible spin processing


Chemically resistant, physically secure, and fail-safe

Plug and Spray

Spin etching, developing, and cleaning solutions

Lifetime Support

Laurell experts and processing support for the life of your spin processor

Upgrades and Accessories

Field-upgradeable, automatic dispense, wireless control, custom options

Spin Coater Product Studio

Laurell Technologies' range of spin processing systems, options, chucks, and wet stations is unmatched.

Laurell Technologies by the numbers


of the world's
top Universities


Research papers


Systems Delivered


of satisfied Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

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